Welcome to LSG The Movement!

LSG is a movement that was created by African American millennials to enforce positivity and a desire to succeed among individuals through out the world.  LSG is a style of living that embodies the will to succeed based on three simple principles that you typically live by on a day to day basis; Levitate, Separate, Generate. Levitate by rising above either challenges or oppositions you may currently be facing or have endored. Separate yourself from the ordinary, be different and think outside of the box society places on individuals. in other words make your own lane. Lastly, Generate your outcome. Make your dreams and goals come to fruition by producing. These three principles are what LSG is all about. LSG’s mission is to shine light on the three princples and provide individuals with a platform to generate sucess by them. LSG provides people with a culture that exemplifies success and where like minded indivudals can come together.