The Damn Right Show- EP 1 – LSG The Movement

The Damn Right Show is hosted by @HollywoodHardge alongside his co-host @ThatManJP, where they bring a millennial perspective on matters that happen in every day life, while promoting a movement for success called LSG. In this episode Hollywood and JP give you guys an insight on the LSG Movement and what it means to live an LSG lifestyle. They also touch on upcoming events they have planned for 2018 (#PartyOnTheLake) as well as the launch of LSG Clothing.

Thank you guys again for following the Movement and be sure to keep up with the latest on the growth of LSG on Social Media!

Instagram :


Mike: @Hollywoodhardge

Jean-Luc: @ThatManJP



Mike: @IGoHardge

Jean-Luc: @SkinnyLightSkin

Leave some positive vibes and inspirational stories at:

And please leave a comment on the show. Ratings and Feedback goes a long way when it comes to spreading the word on our Movement. We need your help in spreading the Movement!




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